What is OneStream?

OneStream Software provides a revolutionary CPM 2.0 solution, the OneStream XF SmartCPMTM platform (XF stands for Extensible Finance).  OneStream XF unifies and simplifies financial consolidation, planning, reporting, analytics and financial data quality for sophisticated organizations.


Deployed via the cloud or on-premise, OneStream is the first and only solution that delivers corporate standards and controls, with the flexibility for business units to report and plan at additional levels of detail without impacting corporate standards – all through a single application.  We call this unique capability Extensible Dimensionality®.


The hallmark of a SmartCPM platform is the capability of having multiple solutions for actuals, budgets, forecasts, plans, reconciliations, profitability analysis and more – all living together in a single application.  Each solution benefits from leveraging all that the platform offers.  OneStream XF eliminates risky integrations, validations, and reconciliations between multiple products, applications and modules.


Another unique capability of OneStream is the XF MarketPlace.  The OneStream XF MarketPlace features downloadable solutions that allow customers to easily extend the value of their CPM platform to meet the changing needs of Finance and Operations.  Examples of OneStream XF MarketPlace solutions that are already available and in use by customers include People Planning, CapEx Planning, Cash Planning, Account Reconciliations, Sales Planning and many others.


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What is CPM 1.0?

Legacy CPM applications, or CPM 1.0 applications – such as Oracle Hyperion, SAP EPM and IBM Cognos –are very fragmented in nature.  These product suites include many different standalone applications and tools for processes such as financial consolidation, budgeting, planning, forecasting, financial and management reporting, and account reconciliations.  Customers must manually move data from transactional systems into each of the individual CPM applications and must also manually move data between the applications, i.e., to compare budget vs. actual financial results.


CPM 1.0 applications also have multiple points of maintenance when it comes to meta data, security, maintaining business rules and other functions.  Due to their fragmented nature, CPM 1.0 applications are typically very costly to upgrade, too.  For customers who have deployed multiple CPM applications, upgrading to even a minor point release can take several months, tying up internal staff, and often requires the services of external consultants.


CPM 1.0 applications are typically deployed in the organization’s on-premise data center, requiring some level of dedicated IT support, or may be hosted by a 3rd party with some managed services to maintain the applications.  While most CPM 1.0 vendors are now offering cloud-based versions of these applications, the cloud-based solutions are also fragmented.


So while the burden of setting up infrastructure and installing the software is removed, configuring, managing and maintaining cloud-based versions of CPM 1.0 applications are still time-consuming and costly endeavors.  And many of the CPM 1.0 solutions that are available in the cloud don’t provide all the functionality offered by their on-premise counterparts.

What is CPM 2.0?

CPM 2.0 applications are designed to address the same business problems as CPM 1.0, but with an architectural approach that addresses many of the pitfalls of CPM 1.0 solutions – enabling true Finance Transformation.  This more modern architectural approach should include the following capabilities:

  • A unified application supporting multiple CPM processes
  • On-premise or cloud deployment
  • Integrated analytics that support both corporate and BU requirements
  • Easy extensibility to address specific requirements in a single application


CPM 2.0 applications also provide many benefits to customers:

  • Reduced costs of ownership
  • Simple 2 hour upgrades
  • Streamlined reporting and planning processes
  • Improved accuracy of financial results, plans and forecasts


Moreover, with CPM 2.0 applications, Finance Transformation is moved forward by enabling teams to shift more time to value-added analysis, partnering with lines of business, and improving alignment and decision-making across the enterprise.

What problems does OneStream solve?

Excessive Time and Costs Spent on Legacy Applications

  • Too much time spent administering, managing and integrating silo’d applications
  • High costs and too much time required for system upgrades
  • Error-prone spreadsheets are often used to fill gaps, support critical financial processes


Challenges in Financial Close, Consolidation and Reporting

  • Manual steps required for data integration and validation, intercompany recons, and other steps in the close process
  • Too much time and effort spent reconciling results between multiple systems
  • Management lacks timely access to financial and operating results
  • Compromised solutions with corporate receiving preference over business unit operational reporting requirements that are typically not met due to varying metadata needs


Challenges in Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting

  • Lack of agility in budgeting and planning, reliance on static budgets
  • Need to plan and forecast at the right level of detail at BUs vs. Corporate
  • Difficult aligning BP&F to actual financial and operating results


Effective Decision-Making Hampered by Lack of Visibility and Analytics

  • Difficult aligning BP&F to actual financial and operating results
  • Management lacks timely access to financial and operating results

Lack of agility in delivering new applications and insights

What is OneStream different?

  • One, unified application for financial consolidation, reporting, budgeting, planning, forecasting, analysis and data quality
  • Deep functionality and scalability that meets the more complex needs of large, sophisticated, global enterprises
  • Same solution can be deployed on-premise or in a scalable cloud with rigorous compliance and security certifications including SOC1, SOC2, HIPAA, and FEDRAMP
  • Extensible Dimensionality enables BUs to report and plan at a lower level of granularity without impacting corporate standards
  • Relational Blending allows relational and cube data to coexist in a single application, with the ability to report and drill back to the details.
  • Guided Workflows simplify processes and tasks, providing ease of use and allowing users to focus on data quality and results instead of system mechanics
  • Integrated financial data quality ensures confidence in financial and operating results
  • The XF MarketPlace allows customers to extend the OneStream XF SmartCPM Platform to deliver more solutions without adding technical complexity.

What are the key advantages of OneStream?

Modernize Finance with a Unified, SmartCPMTM Platform

Reduces the time, effort and cost of maintaining legacy applications

  • Replace multiple legacy systems with a unified application
  • Reduce costs of ownership and upgrades, reduce risks and integration points across systems
  • Shifts Finance staff time from admin to value-added analysis


Simplify and Align Consolidation, Planning, Reporting, Data Quality

Streamlines/simplifies financial close, consolidation and reporting

  • Quickly collect, validate and integrate data from any open financial and operational system or external data source with drill back and drill-through to transactional details
  • Automate manual steps in the financial close/consolidation process
  • Supports the most complex global consolidation and reporting requirements

Improves agility in budgeting, planning and forecasting

  • Aligns BP&F with financial close and actual reporting
  • Corporate plans and forecasts linked to more detailed operating plans
  • Support more agile planning such as rolling forecasts and driver-based plans


Extend Your Investment and Accelerate Insights with the XF MarketPlace

Accelerates delivery of new applications, and business insights

  • Unified platform enables standardization and reuse across the enterprise, higher ROI
  • XF Marketplace enables deployment of new applications quickly, enable rapid update with new features
  • XF MarketPlace solutions are developed directly on the platform and in the platform leveraging all that the platform has to offer and delivering more reliable solutions
  • Extensible platform supports rapid creation of new solution
  • Accelerates business insights and enhances decision-making
  • Allows domain experts to deliver new solutions, quickly
  • XF MarketPlace solutions update independently of OneStream XF product upgrades

What are the key benefits of OneStream?

OneStream Helps Finance Organizations Get Back to Business

  • Eliminates legacy systems, spreadsheets, manual processes and workarounds
  • Improve finance team productivity – do more with existing FTEs, more focus on value-added analysis of the business
  • Improve speed and accuracy of reports and forecasts to stakeholders, improve decision-making
  • Increase business agility – respond quickly to changes, gain competitive advantage
  • Align financial and operational plans and forecasts
  • Reduce costs of ownership vs. legacy solutions
  • Future-proof your investment with functionality and scalability to meet your needs today, and in the future
  • Get your nights and weekends back

Who’s using OneStream?

Over 180 mid-sized to large enterprises in around the world, and across industries are using OneStream for financial consolidation, reporting, planning, analytics and financial data quality.  In fact, over 70% of our customers replaced multiple legacy applications such as Oracle Hyperion, SAP BPC and IBM Cognos.


OneStream XF is dedicated to providing the best solutions for our customers. We understand that  partners are critical to delivering customer implementation success. Our CPM partner network contains over 65 regional and global systems integrators that are synonymous with delivering the highest level of customer success for Corporate Performance Management implementations.

For more information visit onestreamsoftware.com