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Software that’s powerful enough for any industry. Implementation experience that’s tailored to yours.

The team at Ascend Partners is diverse by design.

With experts in various industries, we speak your language and understand your unique needs to create a OneStream application and implementation plan tailored to your business. We know one size doesn't fit all, and your organization deserves a solution that’s a perfect fit.

Real results, real returns


A global supplier saved $1m over five years with OneStream vs. upgrading Hyperion FDM, HFM and planning.


An asset management and financial services firm reported a 50% reduction in consolidation times and revenue and expense plan updates reduced from one week to five minutes.


An international retailer reclaimed 36 days per year by streamlining their financial close process with OneStream.

Why OneStream?

OneStream offers the CPM industry's sole extensible platform, empowering organizations across all verticals to build new solutions directly and seamlessly integrate evolving business requirements with existing processes.

By eliminating the need for multiple software modules, this unified platform fosters collaboration between finance and operations teams, providing a single source of truth and an exceptional user experience for daily planning, financial close and consolidation, reporting and analytics.


Discover More

  • Eliminate the barriers between finance and other departments and establish a unified and reliable foundation for decision-making.

  • As the most trusted OneStream Diamond Partner, Ascend is recognized for its unwavering commitment to excellence. Renowned for our expertise, we confidently navigate the most intricate OneStream implementations, achieving a 100% customer success rate.

  • Minimize the resources required to maintain outdated applications and disconnected cloud solutions, saving time, effort and expenses.

  • As a leading authority in integrations, Ascend is adept at bridging your data between legacy platforms and OneStream for in-depth insights and a future-proofed tech stack.

  • Enable your finance team to become contributing business members, moving away from system and data management.

  • With ten years of experience in the industry, our best-practice methodologies, project management protocols and team structures ensure a smooth and seamless implementation.

Why Ascend?

Our team possesses the perfect combination of technical expertise and extensive knowledge to provide cutting-edge solutions that perfectly align with the constantly evolving technological landscape of today and tomorrow.

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