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Seamless OneStream integrations, expertly engineered by Ascend Partners

From ERP systems and cloud platforms to BI tools and custom applications, Ascend Partners can seamlessly integrate OneStream with virtually any system to consolidate and leverage data into a truly unified financial management experience.

Discover unparalleled connectivity with OneStream's robust integration capabilities.

Expert team, tailored solutions

While we specialize in SAP and Dynamics 365 (D365) integrations, our capabilities extend to many systems and applications. Our mantra is simple – there isn't an integration challenge we can't conquer. With a deep understanding of various technologies, we ensure that whatever your system, our solutions seamlessly align with your business needs, driving efficiency and innovation.

We don't just integrate; we collaborate to transform your business by aligning cutting-edge solutions with your strategic goals. Our team of seasoned OneStream, development and finance experts offers a diverse skillset and a keen understanding of complex business challenges. Trust Ascend Partners to deliver not just an integration, but a comprehensive enhancement to your business landscape.

Unlock instant connectivity with OneStream’s out-of-the-box integrations

OneStream provides direct integration capabilities with various open GL/ERP systems like Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft Dynamics. We facilitate these integrations through robust pre-built Integration Connectors equipped with drill-back and drill-through capabilities. 

By seamlessly connecting to popular systems, including ERP platforms, BI tools and data warehouses — and bypassing the complexities of extensive setup — your organization is empowered to achieve rapid and efficient data consolidation and financial management.

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Featured integrations

Direct connect, direct results

Eliminate laborious source system extract files and tedious manual processes thanks to OneStream’s ability to establish a direct database connection with external systems and seamlessly import data.

With OneStream’s powerful ability to import and process data throughout the entire workflow certification process, the benefits of integration are endless.

OneStream direct connect

Streamlined and efficient integration processes directly to the source system, ensuring fast data transfer.

Real-time visibility

Enhanced functionality for drilling down, drilling back and drilling through to access transactional details, including journal entries, provides 100% transparency.

Limitless versatility

Direct integration with drill-back capabilities tailored for a wide range of open ERPs, such as Oracle, PeopleSoft, JDE, SAP, Infor, Microsoft® AX/Dynamics and more.

Choosing Ascend Partners for our SAP integration was a game-changer. Their innovative approach not only streamlined our processes but also unlocked new potential in our operations. It’s not just the technology; it’s their ability to make it work for us in ways we hadn’t imagined.

IT Director

Industries we serve

From real estate to manufacturing, mining and everything in between, discover why OneStream is the CPM of choice for over 1,200 global enterprises across all verticals.

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Why Ascend?

Our team possesses the perfect combination of technical expertise and extensive knowledge to provide cutting-edge solutions that perfectly align with the constantly evolving technological landscape of today and tomorrow.

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