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Transform your real estate financial solution with Ascend Partners

We harness the power of OneStream to transform financial strategies in the real estate sector, delivering precision in planning, budgeting and forecasting. Our expertise enables real estate firms to confidently navigate market complexities, ensuring sustainable growth and operational excellence.

Our experience with Ascend and OneStream was transformative; their expertise in financial planning and project forecasting brought our real estate ambitions to life with a level of precision and efficiency we never thought possible. It's a partnership that truly sets the foundation for success in the dynamic world of real estate.

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Your blueprint for success: streamlining real estate finance

Ascend Partners transforms the financial landscape for real estate firms, streamlining the planning and forecasting processes. This collaboration equips businesses with the agility to respond to market dynamics and optimize investment strategies, fostering sustainable growth in the competitive real estate sector.

In addition, our tailored support and OneStream's scalable solutions empower real estate entities to master their financial management, overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities. This partnership enhances operational efficiencies and positions firms for robust financial health and strategic advancement in the real estate market. 

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Partnering with Ascend

Unified financial ecosystem

We leverage OneStream to streamline all financial activities into one platform, from budgeting to reporting, making complex processes more manageable and transparent.

Agile market positioning

The synergy between Ascend and OneStream provides the agility needed to quickly adapt strategies in response to market shifts, ensuring operational plans are timely and relevant.

Informed investment decisions

Advanced analytics and real-time data empower professionals to make well-informed decisions, optimize property portfolios and maximize returns for their businesses.

Operational efficiency

By automating financial processes, Ascend and OneStream reduce the administrative burden, allowing teams to dedicate more resources to strategic real estate activities.

Strategic growth facilitation

The partnership aids in identifying growth opportunities and supports the strategic planning necessary for successful expansion, ensuring long-term sustainability.

Regulatory and reporting precision

Ascend and OneStream ensure adherence to financial regulations with robust compliance and reporting tools, simplifying the complexities of financial governance.

OneStream: the all-in-one solution

Comprehensive portfolio management

We enhance OneStream's portfolio management capabilities, offering real estate professionals a unified view of their assets, leases and investments. This collaboration ensures strategic resource allocation and portfolio optimization, aligning with evolving market conditions.

Responsive financial analysis

With OneStream, firms gain access to responsive financial analysis and reporting, providing deep insights into performance and costs. We help to tailor these features to meet the specific needs of the real estate sector, facilitating rapid decision-making and improved financial planning accuracy.

Capital project planning

OneStream's capital project planning feature is essential for real estate developers and investors, enabling accurate forecasting of project costs and financial viability assessments. We integrate this functionality seamlessly into your existing processes, ensuring projects are delivered on budget and contributing to overall economic health.

Risk management and compliance

Ascend Partners leverages OneStream's risk management and compliance tools to help real estate firms navigate regulatory complexities and manage transaction risks. This partnership ensures adherence to industry standards and enhances financial reporting accuracy, safeguarding your firm's reputation and economic stability.

Conquer complexity and enable confident decision-making

Future-proof your business with OneStream solutions innovated by Ascend Partners.

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Seamlessly integrate OneStream with JD Edwards ERP systems

Ascend Partners excels in integrating JD Edwards (JDE) ERP systems with OneStream, offering real estate firms a seamless solution for their financial management needs. Our expertise in JDE ensures a smooth transition, eliminating the 'black box' of consolidations and disjointed reporting tools.

By adopting OneStream's unified platform, real estate firms can streamline their financial processes, from consolidation to planning, enhancing efficiency and transparency. We play a pivotal role in ensuring a cohesive financial ecosystem that leverages the best of JDE and OneStream.


Improve ROI with OneStream


Improve planning and budgeting by an average of 42% with One Stream.


Close your books much faster, with OneStream customers seeing an average improvement of 46%.


Speed up your reporting processes with an 84% average improvement time compared to manual reporting.

Strategic cash flow forecasting with OneStream

OneStream's strategic cash flow forecasting capability is a standout feature tailored for the real estate industry. This tool offers detailed insights into cash inflows and outflows, which is crucial for managing the cyclical nature of real estate revenues and expenditures.

It enables firms to plan effectively for liquidity needs, investment opportunities and financial commitments, ensuring robust financial health.

With Ascend Partners' expertise, this feature becomes even more powerful as we help customize and integrate it into the firm's broader economic strategy, enhancing decision-making and financial stability.


Boost your financial capabilities with OneStream

Granularity and driver-based planning

This approach involves an intricate planning process encompassing multiple workflow steps, where revenues and costs are meticulously constructed using direct data entry and an extensive array of drivers.

This method enables precise cost calculations for project-specific needs, such as utility connections, based on the number of lots and unit costs, enhanced by the option for users to apply pre-set default driver values for streamlined efficiency.

Life of project planning

Adopting a comprehensive planning model, this strategy forecasts the financial lifecycle of a community from land acquisition to the sale of the final property, ensuring all financial commitments are accounted for.

We facilitate this long-term planning through efficient workflow design and direct data integrations, adeptly managing the complexities of future data and extensive scenario versioning.

Advanced scenario replication

This feature extends beyond basic scenario snapshots, enabling active duplication where the new scenario mirrors the original in almost every aspect.

We've innovated a method to categorize and copy data by type, ensuring that the replicated scenarios can seamlessly integrate user inputs, drivers and staged data like their originals. This sophisticated approach to data cloning maintains the integrity and context of each data element, allowing for a seamless transition between scenarios for users.

Frequently asked questions

How does the Ascend Partners and OneStream collaboration benefit real estate firms?

In collaboration with OneStream, Ascend Partners offers real estate firms a tailored financial management solution that enhances planning, budgeting, and forecasting. This partnership combines Ascend's deep industry knowledge and OneStream's advanced platform capabilities, providing a comprehensive solution that addresses the unique challenges of the real estate sector.

Can Ascend help integrate OneStream with existing real estate management systems?

Yes, Ascend Partners specializes in seamlessly integrating OneStream with various real estate management systems, including ERP solutions commonly used in the industry, such as JD Edwards and Yardi. This ensures a cohesive ecosystem where financial data flows smoothly between systems, improving accuracy and efficiency.

What specific features does OneStream offer for managing large real estate projects?

OneStream provides several key features tailored to the real estate industry, such as detailed project forecasting, comprehensive portfolio management and advanced scenario modeling. These features help real estate firms manage large projects by offering insights into costs, revenues and potential investment outcomes.

How does Ascend support real estate firms adopting OneStream for financial processes?

Ascend provides end-to-end support for real estate firms adopting OneStream, from initial system design and integration to ongoing training and support. Their team ensures that the OneStream platform is customized to meet the firm's specific needs, facilitating smoother financial operations and strategic decision-making.

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