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Unearth growth opportunities with OneStream for mining

Empower your mining operations with OneStream's cutting-edge financial solutions — expertly implemented by Ascend Partners. Unleash unparalleled efficiency, transparency and strategic insights, propelling your financial management to new heights in the dynamic mining industry.
Having the actuals and the planning in the same application, having the same metadata, the same calculations… it’s fantastic! It’s broken down the silos.

Sylvia Wang
Business Process Lead - Finance, Barrick Gold

Trusted by the mining industry


Award-winning expertise in the mining industry

Experience financial transformation tailored to the unique demands of the mining industry with OneStream, seamlessly implemented by Ascend Partners.

We've been the leading authority in implementing OneStream for the mining industry for years, thanks to our in-depth understanding of its complex business requirements. OneStream has acknowledged our exceptional track record, honoring us with the prestigious Power of the Platform award in 2022 for our Life of Mine project. 

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Partnering with Ascend

Operational efficiency

Ascend seamlessly implements OneStream to streamline operations, effortlessly managing complex consolidation and reporting requirements, including joint ventures, alternative reporting and currency calculations for optimal efficiency.

Dynamic reporting

Unlock dynamic reporting capabilities as OneStream integrates with diverse data source solutions such as Mine Cost Systems and multiple ERPs, providing responsive insights tailored to the intricate needs of the mining industry.

Scalability for growth

We ensure scalability for long-term, complex planning with OneStream, accommodating evolving financial needs and supporting critical aspects like "Life of Mine" planning and dynamic forecasting for commodity pricing.

Risk mitigation

OneStream, with Ascend's expertise, mitigates financial risks effectively. Accurately forecast the impact of individual commodity price changes on all financial statements and enable a resilient "Flex" or "Flexing" model for strategic decision-making.

Strategic decision-making

Elevate strategic decision-making by consolidating all financial data within OneStream. Offer unparalleled flexibility in reporting and planning, and address challenges such as capital-intensive spending in the mining sector.

Transparency and compliance

Ensure transparency and compliance by centralizing all financial data in OneStream, facilitating accurate tracking and planning of CapEx spending. Facilitate robust people planning at corporate and mine levels, guided by Ascend's proficiency.

OneStream: The all-in-one solution

Financial close and consolidations

Optimize and expedite your financial close process and seamlessly handle joint ventures and other complex consolidations to adhere to regulations — all while minimizing the need for manual work.

Plan, budget and forecast

Harness the robust planning capabilities of OneStream to align your finance team's objectives through complex budgeting processes. OneStream's unique, powerful, modern technologies allow mining companies to plan dynamically at granular levels.

Management reporting

OneStream fully supports alternative hierarchy reporting and joint venture reporting. It allows management to closely monitor business operations by "flexing" models with the ever-changing commodities landscape.

Financial reporting

Produce and automate dynamic and tailor-made financial reports and statements. Spend less time compiling reporting and more time analyzing business performance to make more strategic management decisions.

Account reconciliations

Revolutionize your reconciliation process with OneStream's automation capabilities. Mitigate risks, elevate data integrity and maximize overall efficiency.

Tax provisioning

Improve your tax provisioning process, guaranteeing adherence to tax regulations and facilitating precise and punctual tax reporting.

Transaction matching

Streamline and automate the transaction matching process, guaranteeing precision, eliminating discrepancies and optimizing processing efficiency.

Seamless integration

Easily integrate with more than 150 GL/ERP systems, whether on-premise or in the cloud, thanks to OneStream's advanced connectivity capabilities.

Conquer complexity and enable confident decision-making

Future-proof your business with OneStream solutions innovated by Ascend Partners.

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Streamline the financial closing process

Tackle the obstacles of the financial closing and consolidation process head-on and deliver fast, invaluable insights to internal and external stakeholders. Replace obsolete Excel spreadsheets and stand-alone financial consolidation software with a state-of-the-art, fully integrated platform.


Improve ROI with OneStream


Improve planning and budgeting by an average of 42% with One Stream.


Close your books much faster, with OneStream customers seeing an average improvement of 46%.


Speed up your reporting processes with an 84% average improvement time compared to manual reporting.

Supercharge your financial planning, budgeting and forecasting

Lead the way in crafting long-term strategic plans and uncovering groundbreaking opportunities for value generation. Swiftly develop fundamental strategies to fuel organic growth and explore potential mergers and acquisitions. Take the helm in dynamic forecasting and scenario analysis to evaluate the impact of sales, production, pricing and labor on profitability and future initiatives.


Frequently asked questions

Does OneStream support integrations with systems other than ERPs?

Yes, OneStream can seamlessly integrate with an almost unlimited number of systems. In mining, for example, we often integrate and pull in costing data from Zyrus so management gets a plan on the costing side.

How are Joint Ventures and alternative JV reporting handled in OneStream for consolidations?

OneStream is a very powerful consolidation tool. JVs and the alternative reporting that comes with them are common in the mining industry, so OneStream is uniquely positioned to streamline a mining company’s financial close process.

Can OneStream help us with detailed planning at individual mine sites?

Yes, OneStream’s powerful engine includes something called ‘Extensible Dimensionality,’ which means you can extend down to varying levels of your business. Most mining companies have individual plans and processes at each mine site. OneStream can accommodate and roll those processes into the corporate plan within one system. This means no more emailing Excel workbooks and trying to gather data manually.

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