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Mastering manufacturing finance with Ascend and OneStream

We harness the power of OneStream to transform the financial landscape for manufacturing enterprises, driving efficiency and strategic growth. Our expertise ensures that your manufacturing business can navigate the industry's complexities confidently, leveraging innovative solutions for financial planning, budgeting and forecasting.

Partnering with Ascend to implement OneStream transformed our manufacturing operations. Their tailored approach and deep industry insights turned complex financial processes into strategic advantages, driving efficiency and growth across our global operations.

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Forging financial excellence in manufacturing

Ascend Partners and OneStream are revolutionizing the financial framework within the manufacturing sector, blending our extensive industry knowledge with OneStream's powerful capabilities.

This strategic alliance provides manufacturers with advanced solutions for precise financial planning and analysis, enabling them to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market. Manage production costs, optimize resource allocation and achieve sustained profitability amidst fluctuating market conditions—all within OneStream.

Ascend Partners has helped finance leaders in the manufacturing industry gain unparalleled lines of sight into their BI. OneStream's suite of integrated tools can streamline complex financial operations, from detailed budgeting and forecasting to comprehensive scenario analysis.

Our tried and tested methodology simplifies the financial management process, empowering leaders and teams with actionable insights and fostering a culture of data-driven decision-making to drive efficiency and strategic growth.


Partnering with Ascend

Expert financial transformation

Our expertise in automating data allocations with OneStream streamlines financial processes and brings industry-specific insights, ensuring that financial operations are optimized for manufacturing complexities.

Strategic guidance on scenario planning

Ascend enhances the value of 'what-if' scenario planning by providing strategic guidance, helping manufacturers simulate and interpret various financial outcomes to make informed decisions that align with long-term goals.

Customized integration for comprehensive insights

We tailor OneStream's unified data model to the specific needs of the manufacturing sector, ensuring that businesses get a holistic and actionable view of their operations, enriched with Ascend's sector-specific insights.

Precision planning with industry expertise

Ascend's application of OneStream's granular-level planning is augmented with deep industry knowledge, ensuring that financial forecasts are precise and relevant to the unique challenges and opportunities in the manufacturing landscape.

Enhanced, data-driven decision-making

By leveraging our experience in integrating financial and operational data, manufacturers gain a more nuanced understanding of their business, supported by our powerful reporting and dashboards to drive enhanced visibility and efficiency.

Proactive financial management

Our approach to leveraging OneStream's financial signaling ensures manufacturers are reacting to market changes and proactively managing their strategies with Ascend's forward-thinking guidance, maintaining agility and competitiveness in a fast-paced industry.

OneStream: The all-in-one solution

Enhanced profitability insights

Simplify complexities with OneStream's automated allocations and flexible reporting tools, revealing profit margins across products, customer segments and channels.

Strategic decision visualization

Utilize 'what-if' scenarios and driver-based planning in OneStream to understand potential impacts on profitability and margins, aiding strategic decision-making.

Unified data governance

Maintain a single, authoritative source of truth for financial data, ensuring consistency and confidence in its use across the organization.

Comprehensive data integration

OneStream's powerful integration capabilities allow manufacturing enterprises to combine financial, operational and transactional data within a unified dashboard for in-depth visualization and analysis, enhancing strategic oversight.

Granular planning capabilities

Plan at the most detailed level using OneStream's specialty planning solutions, aligning strategies closely with underlying business drivers for effective outcomes.

Integrated financial and operational view

Merge governed financial and operational data within the same model for a coherent and unified experience in data management.

Conquer complexity and enable confident decision-making

Future-proof your business with OneStream solutions innovated by Ascend Partners.

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A dynamic framework that offers powerful financial insights

Ascend and OneStream revolutionize financial management in manufacturing by integrating in-depth analytics and responsive data, enabling manufacturers to expand their forecasts and business dialogue.

This integration finds new ways to explore the 'why' behind numbers, turning data into a powerful tool for strategic planning and operational excellence.


Improve ROI with OneStream

Strategic planning and forecasting

We empower your business to navigate the future with confidence, offering advanced planning and forecasting solutions tailored to your unique needs. 

With our deep expertise, you can dissect and understand your financial landscape down to the finest details—by product lines, brands, functions, geographies, plant sites and customer segments—ensuring your strategies are as informed as they are impactful.

Streamlining financial close

We specialize in refining the financial close and consolidation process, even in the face of intricate global accounting and reporting standards.

Our approach simplifies these critical operations and ensures you gain swift, clear insights into financial and operational outcomes, empowering your business with the clarity needed for strategic decision-making.

Empowering operations for agility

Enhance your operational and corporate teams with daily and weekly actionable financial insights. 

By monitoring key metrics like controllable costs and working capital, we enable your business to adjust strategies proactively and well ahead of month-end, ensuring continuous alignment with your financial goals and operational efficiency.

Agile financial signaling with OneStream

Gain unparalleled insight into true business drivers, empowering them to make rapid-response decisions. In-solution access to granular, business-driver data that is automatically aligned with financials offers a unique combination of governed financial data and operational insights within the same data model for actionable intelligence.


Strategic cash flow forecasting with OneStream

OneStream's strategic cash flow forecasting capability is a standout feature tailored for the real estate industry. This tool offers detailed insights into cash inflows and outflows, which is crucial for managing the cyclical nature of real estate revenues and expenditures.

It enables firms to plan effectively for liquidity needs, investment opportunities and financial commitments, ensuring robust financial health.

With Ascend Partners' expertise, this feature becomes even more powerful as we help customize and integrate it into the firm's broader economic strategy, enhancing decision-making and financial stability.


Frequently asked questions

How does Ascend's expertise complement OneStream's platform in a manufacturing context?

With over a decade of experience, we've implemented sophisticated OneStream frameworks for many clients in the manufacturing industry, including ScentAir, Tilray Brands, Nova Chemicals and more.

Our deep understanding of the manufacturing industry, combined with OneStream's comprehensive financial platform, delivers a synergy that transforms financial processes, enhances operational efficiency and drives strategic decision-making tailored to the unique challenges of manufacturing businesses.

Can Ascend help integrate OneStream with existing manufacturing ERP systems?

Yes, we specialize in seamlessly integrating OneStream with various ERP systems prevalent in manufacturing.

This integration ensures a cohesive flow of data, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of financial operations while minimizing disruption to existing workflows. To learn more about our integration expertise, click here.

What specific benefits does OneStream, facilitated by Ascend, bring to manufacturing financial planning and analysis?

We leverage OneStream to provide manufacturing firms with precise planning and forecasting, streamlined financial close processes and enhanced operational insights.

This collaboration enables manufacturers to understand costs, improve financial performance and make informed strategic decisions.

How does Ascend ensure that the financial data within OneStream is accurate and reliable for manufacturing firms?

We implement OneStream's robust data quality management features and industry-specific expertise to ensure that financial data is accurate, consistent and reliable.

This approach gives manufacturing firms a trusted foundation for all economic analysis, planning and reporting activities.

Can Ascend and OneStream support global manufacturing operations with complex multi-currency and regulatory requirements?

Absolutely. Ascend and OneStream offer a robust solution that caters to the complexities of global manufacturing operations, including multi-currency transactions and adherence to diverse regulatory standards.

This ensures manufacturers can manage their global financials seamlessly and comply with international regulations effectively.

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