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Integrated. Extensible. Unified. OneStream.

Built on an extensible platform, OneStream offers a robust marketplace of powerful solutions that scale with your growing needs.

Discover why over 1,200 global enterprises have chosen OneStream to replace manual spreadsheets and legacy applications to drive business performance and maximize ROI.


Our experience and proven processes deliver successful OneStream implementations with minimum disruptions to your operations.

OneStream, the benefits

Get more from your data

Gain insight into your data to identify key business drivers, trends and actionable items.

Enhance financial accuracy

Built-in financial intelligence offers best-in-class financial data accuracy and reduces the cost, complexity and time associated with building this functionality during implementations.

Take your investment further

Extend your investment in OneStream with over 50 pre-built marketplace solutions focused on planning and analysis, financial close and productivity.

Simplify the financial close

Overcome financial close and consolidation process challenges and provide quick, valuable insights to internal and external stakeholders. Swap out outdated Excel spreadsheets and standalone financial consolidation software for a cutting-edge, integrated platform.


Accelerate financial planning, budgeting and forecasting

Lead the charge on long-term strategic planning and explore innovative opportunities for value creation. Rapidly formulate foundational plans for driving organic growth and pursuing potential mergers and acquisitions. Take charge of dynamic forecasting and scenario analysis to assess the impact of sales, production, pricing and labor on profitability and future endeavors.


Enhance your planning and reporting speed and agility by integrating Finance processes to provide actionable financial insights, forecasts, and analytics throughout your organization.

Conquer complexity and enable confident decision-making

Future-proof your business with OneStream solutions innovated by Ascend Partners.


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The ability to collect more granular data in OneStream facilitates better, faster business decisions. With OneStream, we have more time available to spend analyzing data for future initiatives, and its flexibility provides the ability to respond quickly to changing business needs.

OneStream customer

Frequently asked questions

What’s the real cost of a cloud-based CPM solution such as OneStream?

Your business needs and requirements are unique. While the software and license costs of OneStream are fixed, the implementation costs differ based on your configuration and require individual pricing for the most cost-effective solution. 

In addition to implementation costs, your 'total cost of ownership' (TCO) should factor in the benefits and reduced costs of a cloud-based CPM solution. Undeniably, cloud-based solutions have lower TCO overall than on-premise solutions (now considered industry best practice).

You should ask: What is the 'total cost of ownership' (TCO) to move to a cloud solution?
A cloud-based OneStream implementation also provides efficiencies in hardware, IT services, simplified upgrades and increases in team innovation. 

All costs are fully transparent as part of Ascend's quoting process. Contact us to start a discovery process to determine your unique costs.

How long does a OneStream implementation take?

An account reconciliation solution can be implemented in as little as 12 weeks, while a complex global consolidation and budget and forecasting roll-out can take up to two years with a phased iterative approach. The length of a OneStream implementation depends on the number of components you wish to utilize and the complexity of your data landscape.

This broad range depends on your current processes, hardware, software dependencies, and team experience with CPM solutions and cloud-based technologies. 

If you're currently working in Excel with on-premise hardware, this process could be longer, while a transformation from Oracle Hyperion or a similar system — with a company already employing business process best practices and experience with project management across departments — shortens implementation timelines.

Working with Ascend Partners means a commitment to create the best solution for your implementation with the quickest route to success.

Does OneStream integrate with my Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software?

This is one of the main advantages of OneStream. As a unified and extensible SmartCPM platform, OneStream was built from the ground up to be a cloud-based solution for integrating a fragmented data landscape. It can integrate and connect with any relational or web service-based system (i.e., not just your ERP system).

As an Ascend customer, you receive our unique global expertise across multiple industries, geographic-specific differences and fragmented software environments. This ensures a seamless transformation of your financial software environment with the OneStream platform.

What resources are required for a OneStream implementation?

Resources for implementation can vary based on how you configure OneStream and which areas of the platform you plan on using. There are a few major platform implementations, including:

  • Financial close and consolidation
  • Planning, budgeting and forecasting
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Financial data quality
  • Technology leadership

Implementation resources depend on whether you implement one or all of these areas, and the complexity of your current systems and processes. 

However, with the Ascend Advantage, we provide a solution roadmap that outlines your resource requirements so you'll know what you need before you begin.

For example, resources that may be required for a financial close and consolidation implementation include:

  • Leadership team, 10 hours
  • Implementation committee (3-10 members), 100 hours
  • IT team (1-3 members), 20 hours
  • HR team (1-2 members), 10 hours
  • Designated OneStream administrator, project duration

Industries we serve

From real estate to manufacturing, mining and everything in between, discover why OneStream is the CPM of choice for over 1,200 global enterprises across all verticals.

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Our team possesses the perfect combination of technical expertise and extensive knowledge to provide cutting-edge solutions that perfectly align with the constantly evolving technological landscape of today and tomorrow.

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