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Unleash operational excellence in your financial landscape with our managed services

Experience unparalleled financial agility and unlock the potential of your OneStream investment with expert support from our Managed Service Operations (MSO). Whether you're working on a OneStream environment built by Ascend or another partner, our expert team can optimize and manage your financial operations seamlessly, allowing you to focus on strategic initiatives that drive business growth.

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What is MSO?

Ascend Partners' MSO is a comprehensive service offering that provides access to our elite team of OneStream and finance experts on a flexible, subscription-based contract. MSO provides end-to-end care to optimize your entire OneStream stack, including user support, financial close tasks, application stability, training and infrastructure maintenance. By streamlining financial processes, offering proactive support, enhancing security and optimizing performance, our MSO unleashes the full potential of OneStream, empowering confident, data-driven decision-making while ensuring compliance and operational excellence.

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Your dedicated OneStream experts

Our Managed Service Operations (MSO) catalyzes an enhanced OneStream journey. Our deeply experienced team of OneStream, finance and technical experts deliver comprehensive care to optimize your entire OneStream stack on a flexible, scalable contract. We support your finance teams when and where you need it, whether through day-to-day admin, training and support, or enhanced development and customization. Our white-glove service offering means your OneStream ecosystem and workflows remain optimized for peak performance, empowering your organization to focus on strategic initiatives and make confident, data-driven decisions.


How it works

Assessment and planning

A thorough evaluation of your existing OneStream environment occurs in this initial phase. We collaborate closely with stakeholders to define clear business objectives and outcomes. The outcome is a customized plan that outlines the scope of MSO services, optimization strategies and key milestones.

Implementation and onboarding

Once a tailored plan is created, the execution phase begins. This involves implementing agreed-upon measures such as setting up user support systems, optimizing financial processes and enhancing security. We ensure a smooth onboarding process for stakeholders and end-users, acquainting them with the MSO framework and any new procedures.

Ongoing support and optimization

The heart of MSO lies in continuous support and optimization. We provide unwavering user support and conduct training sessions to enhance end-user proficiency in OneStream. The team proactively optimizes financial processes by identifying bottlenecks and introducing automation or enhancements for increased efficiency. Continuous monitoring of OneStream's performance allows for real-time adjustments to ensure ongoing optimization.

Feedback and continuous improvement

Your MSO journey evolves through feedback and continuous improvement. We actively collect feedback from end-users and stakeholders, using insights to refine the MSO process iteratively. This ensures that our services are effective and continuously align with your changing business requirements and organizational goals.

Why choose MSO?

Operational efficiency

Streamline financial close and reporting processes to ensure constant personnel coverage. Leverage automation and optimization strategies to achieve faster and more accurate cycles, even during peak periods.

Proactive service

Receive expert support and change management, ensuring a proactive approach to system changes, upgrades and troubleshooting to minimize disruptions.

Enhanced security and compliance

Safeguard sensitive financial data with robust security measures, including data encryption, access controls and comprehensive audit trails, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Optimized performance

Continuously monitor and enhance the performance of your OneStream platform, going beyond basic maintenance to unleash the system's full potential.

User support and training

Access our expert team for ongoing, on-demand user support and training, ensuring that end-users are proficient in utilizing OneStream features and functionalities to maximize the platform's capabilities.

Strategic focus

Free up valuable time and resources from routine processes, allowing organizations to focus on strategic initiatives, data-driven decision-making and value-added analyses across the enterprise.

Service tiers

Address general user support inquiries

User access provisioning

Metadata management

Basic report / form creation

Manage OneStream Cloud Services interactions

Change control and migration

End user training

Audit support

Period roll-forwards / locking

Create complex reports and dashboards

Improve / troubleshoot perfromance

Implement new functionality / upgrades

Business rule / integration troubleshooting

Technical / infrastructure troubleshooting

Application enhancements / redesign

Tier 1


Tier 2


Tier 3


Tier 4


Core support tasks handled by your dedicated OneStream Administrator(s)

Advanced services delivered by our OneStream consultants

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Frequently asked questions

What if my OneStream platform was implemented by someone other than Ascend Partners? Am I still eligible for MSO?

Yes, you are still eligible for MSO! Ascend Partners is equipped to support any OneStream ecosystem, even those originally implemented by other groups.

Does my existing OneStream platform need to be reconfigured in order to subscribe to MSO?

This can vary, as every OneStream environment is different. As part of our assessment, our team will review your current OneStream environment to determine whether your existing solution serves your needs, recommend areas to improve to enhance your experience or troubleshoot aspects that may require reconfiguration. 

In most cases, we’re able to support you through MSO right away, with minimal changes to your current configuration. In very rare cases, a OneStream rebuild may be recommended to resolve deeper technical issues not addressed during the initial implementation. Either way, our team is here to help you assess your options and choose the right course of action to help you meet your goals.

We have an in-house OneStream administrator on our team. Do we still need MSO?

MSO can still be beneficial, even if your organization already has an in-house administrator or team to manage day-to-day tasks. With Ascend MSO, your in-house team has on-demand access to the collective knowledge of our team of OneStream, finance and technical experts. This means less time searching user forums or waiting on support lines — and more time on high-impact tasks.

Our team is also available to provide coverage during peak periods or in times of employee leave or turnover, minimizing disruptions to your workflows. Our team is here to provide interim admin support or training when a new employee onboards.

What if my needs change? Is my MSO contract flexible?

Business needs fluctuate and organizations change over time, which is why we’ve designed MSO with flexibility in mind. With four comprehensive tiers, you can scale up or scale down your service level to best suit your needs, while frequent communication with our team means we can anticipate and respond to changes on demand, whether due to regular cycles or ad-hoc requests.

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