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Grow your enterprise with precision planning, budgeting and forecasting

Ascend Partners empowers organizations to succeed with OneStream's advanced planning, budgeting and forecasting solutions. Our dedicated experts harness the power of OneStream to deliver unparalleled financial clarity and foresight, giving your business confidence in today's complex, dynamic economic landscape.

With our strategic guidance, transform your financial processes into a streamlined, integrated framework that drives growth, efficiency and resilience. Join us in redefining what's possible for your enterprise's economic future.

The benefits of OneStream

Enhanced financial visibility

Gain a crystal-clear understanding of your financial health with our comprehensive planning and budgeting tools. OneStream's unified platform, expertly leveraged by Ascend Partners, provides in-depth insights into your financial data, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Agile and adaptive forecasting

Stay ahead of market changes and internal dynamics with our agile forecasting solutions. We empower your organization to adjust forecasts quickly, adapt to new information and pivot strategies as necessary, ensuring resilience and sustained growth in an ever-evolving business environment.

Streamlined processes and improved efficiency

Eliminate the complexity of disparate financial systems with OneStream's integrated approach, refined by Ascend Partners' expertise. Our solutions simplify your financial operations, reduce manual efforts and free up valuable resources, allowing you to focus on strategic initiatives that drive your business forward.

Unlock financial precision with Ascend’s OneStream expertise

We deliver a tailored OneStream solution that transforms your financial planning, budgeting and forecasting into a strategic, efficient and adaptive process. Our customized implementation will fit your business needs perfectly, enabling detailed financial planning and dynamic budgeting that accommodate real-time adjustments.

We empower your organization with advanced forecasting techniques to provide a clear vision of your financial future. Beyond initial setup, our commitment extends to ongoing support, training and optimization, ensuring your OneStream platform evolves with your business. Partner with us to streamline your financial operations and drive sustained growth and resilience in your enterprise.


A deeper dive into the platform

Financial frameworks configured for your business

Our tailored solutions align precisely with your company's needs, ensuring every aspect of your financial planning, budgeting and forecasting is optimized for your unique business landscape. Our approach guarantees that your strategy is effective and highly relevant to your operational context.

Dynamic budgeting and proactive adjustments

OneStream's advanced budgeting capabilities enable flexible, responsive updates and adjustments, allowing your business to remain agile. This flexibility ensures that your financial strategy is always in sync with your current business environment, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness.

Continuous support and evolution

With ongoing expert support, training and system optimization from Ascend Partners, your OneStream platform will meet your current needs and grow with your business over time. We're committed to your long-term success, providing a partnership that evolves as your business expands and transforms.

Conquer complexity and enable confident decision-making

Future-proof your business with OneStream solutions innovated by Ascend Partners.
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Unify planning, budgeting and forecasting with OneStream

Discover the power of OneStream's unified platform, where planning, budgeting and forecasting converge for a seamless, integrated experience. Simplify complex financial processes by bringing them together under one roof, ensuring data accuracy and operational efficiency.

Through data consolidation and advanced analytics, OneStream empowers your organization to make strategic decisions swiftly and confidently. Embrace the future of finance with Ascend Partners and OneStream, where innovation meets precision in financial management.

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Boost your ROI with us


We boast an unparalleled 100% success rate in OneStream implementation, demonstrating our commitment to seamless and efficient financial management solutions. Elevate your financial processes with our expertise and ensure a successful OneStream journey with us.


Among finance leaders, 63% believe built-in analytics tools are critical for future finance systems. That’s why over 1,000 finance leaders around the globe — from organizations of all sizes — are choosing OneStream to futureproof their systems.


Only 23% of finance systems allow organizations to respond quickly to market changes. The need for dynamic, responsive financial planning tools has never been more apparent, emphasizing the importance of selecting a system that manages current needs and anticipates future market dynamics.

We chose OneStream for a number of reasons, but when you boil it down, data integrity, flexibility and visibility into what we are doing was essential. In our previous state, we spent a lot of time seeing if we had the right data instead of looking at what the data was actually telling us.

Corporate Controller
Manufacturing Company

Integrated business planning

CFOs leverage integrated business planning for strategic alignment and optimization, analyzing financial and operational plans against performance data. Modern finance leaders prefer scalable platforms like OneStream's MarketPlace™, which offers easily deployable, specialized planning solutions, ensuring adaptability to changing business needs without extra cost or complexity.


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Frequently asked questions

How does Ascend Partners facilitate the integration of OneStream with existing financial systems?

Ascend Partners ensures a smooth integration of OneStream with your existing ERP and financial systems, leveraging expertise to maintain data integrity and streamline the consolidation of financial information into OneStream for comprehensive planning and analysis.

With a deep understanding of various technologies and the best practices needed to integrate them seamlessly, we ensure that whatever your system, our solutions seamlessly align with your business needs, driving efficiency and innovation. Learn more about our integration capabilities here.

Can Ascend Partners help tailor OneStream to support both strategic and operational planning?

Yes, Ascend Partners works to leverage OneStream's capabilities for both long-term strategic planning and short-term operational planning, ensuring alignment between financial goals and operational tactics.

How do Ascend Partners ensure data accuracy and integrity within OneStream's financial planning?

With a deep understanding of OneStream's Financial Data Quality Management (FDQM), Ascend Partners implements best practices to automate and manage data collection, validation and reconciliation processes, enhancing the accuracy and integrity of your financial data.

What kind of support and training does Ascend Partners offer for new OneStream users?

Alongside OneStream's resources, Ascend Partners provides additional support and customized training for users, ensuring they can fully leverage the platform's capabilities to meet their financial planning and analysis objectives. Learn more about our Managed Service Operations (MSO) here.

How do Ascend Partners customize OneStream's budgeting and forecasting to specific industry needs?

Leveraging industry experience, Ascend Partners customizes OneStream's functionalities to meet specific sectors' unique challenges and requirements, enhancing the platform's effectiveness in addressing industry-specific financial planning needs.

Our proven methodologies ensure a collaborative delivery approach and thorough understanding of your business requirements through discovery workshops in our Requirements & Design phase and regular reviews and feedback opportunities throughout the Build and Test phases.

Industries we serve

From real estate to manufacturing, mining and everything in between, discover why OneStream is the CPM of choice for over 1,200 global enterprises across all verticals.

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Why Ascend?

Our team possesses the perfect combination of technical expertise and extensive knowledge to provide cutting-edge solutions that perfectly align with the constantly evolving technological landscape of today and tomorrow.

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