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Mattamy Homes

Founded in 1978, Mattamy Homes is one of the largest homebuilders in the world.

Given the complexity of their business and the scale at which they operate, their finance and accounting teams struggled to find a CPM (Corporate Performance Management) solution that fit their needs for both consolidations and planning.

The challenge

Prior to OneStream, Mattamy was using JD Edwards with a mix of Essbase and Excel for consolidations and they were using PBCS and Excel for planning. In homebuilding, planning is particularly important and niche to that industry due to the financial implications of building a housing development from scratch. OneStream is uniquely positioned to do this type of complex planning.

What we did

Ascend completed the implementation and built a sophisticated Consolidation solution on the OneStream Intelligent Finance platform. They are now integrating Mattamy’s complex planning process into a Planning Cube alongside their Consolidation cube.

OneStream, the benefits

Granularity & Driver-Based Planning

Mattamy’s Land Development and Homebuilding Planning process is incredibly detailed and is spread over 30 separate workflow steps. The revenues and costs are built up from various methods including direct data entry and hundreds of drivers with up to 25 unique drivers available per account. For example, the cost of utility connections (i.e., power, water) is based on the number of lots for a given project phase multiplied by the unit cost of a utility connection. For efficiency, we developed a way to give users the option to assign pre-seeded default driver values to each of their accounts that make up the project totals.

Relational Blending & Extensible Dimensionality

Ascend is using Relational Blending at Mattamy ensuring only cube-worthy data is loaded to the cube. Relational tables are being utilized to store user preferences guiding their dashboard navigation experience. Further, Extensible Dimensionality is being used to ensure that only relevant dimension members are available to the Consolidation and Planning cubes and to ensure their data units are not bogged down with unnecessary intersections.

Life of project planning

Ascend is designing workflows to ensure that data integrations are efficient (direct data loads) and are able to handle nuances with orphan data/data unit issues with future year periods and with extensive scenario versioning in play.

Data aggregations

Ascend is using the new data aggregation functionality within OneStream to meet the performance needs of a large-scale entity structure that must provide quick turnaround reporting.

Extensive scenario versioning

Ascend is developing a way to copy data by data type, ensuring that target scenarios can accept data from users and drivers and stage data integrations as if they are exact copies of the original source scenarios. This next-level data copying ensures that data type and origin are preserved so that users can pick up where they left off in a previous scenario.

OneStream presentation and discovery

Meet with us for a consultation and discovery, outlining the most effective implementation.

This project will represent a great use case for OneStream in complex planning scenarios not only in the homebuilding industry but across all industries.

Mattamy Homes

What we'll achieve

When Mattamy’s OneStream implementation is complete, the solution will offer a tremendous amount of insight into the state of their business while providing immense time/cost savings for their FP&A teams. An environment like the one Ascend is building for Mattamy has not been deployed before at a large homebuilder and it is a testament to the power of OneStream that it is able to provide this much value to their teams.

In the end, this project will represent a great use case for OneStream in complex planning scenarios not only in the homebuilding industry, but across all industries. There are many other large homebuilders who do planning in the same way with disjointed systems, so this represents a great story to tell those companies.


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